Erry Bundjamin

Founding Partner

In 1999 Erry Bundjamin established Bundjamin & Partner, which has become the premier Indonesian law firm in the area of international trade law, customs, anti- monopoly, and commercial litigation practices.

Mr. Bundjamin has been practicing international trade law since 1996. He was trained in Brussels by Vermulst, Verhaeghe & Graafsma, Bronckers, a Brussels-based law firm, in 1997.

Darpan Alamsyah Pandjaitan

Managing Partner

Mr. Pandjaitan is a senior advocate in the law firm Bundjamin & Partners specializing in representing clients in criminal, commercial and administrative matters in various stages of legal proceedings,including applications for annulling anti-dumping measures before the administrative courts, defending clients in competition issues before KPPU, district courts to supreme court, and labor issues.

Adhindra Kurnianto Anggoro


During his tenure with the firm,

Mr. Anggoro has over 12 years professional experience in international trade law and policy, including WTO Law, where he has in-depth knowledge and experience in various anti-dumping, countervailing, and safeguard investigations (including original and review proceedings), engaged by both national and overseas authorities.

Anderonikus A.S. Janis


Joined Bundjamin & Partners in 2000 Mr. Janis was responsible for the corporate commercial, finance, capital market, and arbitration practices of the firm. Having worked for three other firms prior to joining Bundjamin & Partners, Mr. Janis had dealt with various works of capital market , corporate andcommercial litigation, and arbitration practices.